The muffin explosion!

11.11.2016 – 312,6 km

The Catlins are marvellous, even with a grey sky, the rainforest you find all around you will make you alive… and more than this!!!

Rainforest in the Catlins

The lake Wilkie is dark and give you the opportunity to see the different stage of the forest that will decrease until the sea border. Really amazing!

Then on the way the most photographed waterfalls of New Zealand.

The most photographed waterfall in New Zealand

At Owaka we had breakfast. The lady of the shop on the move told us that she would come in April 2017 in Italy, from Sicily to Valentino Rossi’s town to have a pizza. She is a fan!!!

Valentini Rossi’s fan

We arrived at Dunedin with a grey sky, no sun, so we had just a quick look of this beautiful city,

Marvelous Dunedin

a drive in Baldwin street, the Wrold’s steepest street

Baldwin street

and just drive in the Otago Peninsula until Portobello. I guess that Dunedin will worth at least a day, but we must move and we drive then to Oamaru.

Otago Peninsula

When we arrive to our family, we were really happy about our choice. Amazing location, warm welcome, great children, delicious Shefferd pie and lovely cats and dog. Then we started to play with the children. It made everybody laugh!with the pillow war, one shot total exploded one muffin! 😂😂😂

Our family in Dunedin

But we booked the Penguins view in the Blue colony and after dinner we just move to the show…

Time with children

Yes, the show, this is the right word. NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE AGAIN!!! The commentary was too loud and was completely scaring the penguins, people all over, too close with the animals that was waiting too long to come back to the nest. The tunnels that drive the penguins to the tourists!!! Please do not go!!! Better to wait and to see just one or none, in the wild and not scaring them like in this terrible touristic show!

We met then 2 scared penguins in the road to home… the road should be closed! Those are animals!!!

Penguin crossing the street

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