Cross Borneo – the trek

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Usually you would walk every day from 7:00 until 14:30/15:00, it means from 7 to 8 hours lunch and countless pauses to regain strength and stamina included.

The pace would be around 1km/h (stops included), so the covered distance would not be so much, but 1 km in the rain forest is like 10 km in our forest… just to understand better please go to day 5 of the trekking report.

Along the path everything is slippery, the rocks in the rivers, the green moss on rocks and trunks, the omnipresent roots and mud… in one word, everything!

Furthermore there are uprooted trees all over your path, and sometimes they are the path itself… It means that you should pay attention every single minute, and have the highest carefulness: before moving one foot you should be sure as eggs is eggs that your other foot is steady (as far as possible) and that the roots, the trees or whatever you are grabbing is well fastened!

The running, especially after one whole night of rain, could be murderously energetic, so grab whatever you can, lianas, porters (if they could be on their feet…) and try, whenever is possible, to have your feet on the sand, that increase your grip.

MUARA HUBUNG – ATIKOP HILL – MUARA SAITE – LESS DEMANDING – 3KM – 3 HOURS – ↑310 M ↓190 M Continue reading “Cross Borneo – the trek”