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First of all I would like to remember you that flying to New Zealand is fucking long… from Europe it would take more than 25 hours!

Just to give you an idea, is basically the same flying east or west…

It means that when you land, you would even not recognize yourself, no idea where you are or what time is it, but definitely why the hell you decided this destination.

For all the above reasons, I decided to spend a bit more to have a more comfortable “most direct” flight.

I bought for 1270€ the following Lufthansa flights:


I booked everything with internet.

All the accommodation had high western standard, always really clean and people always really kind.

TOP10 motels

I used twice the TOP10 brand motels. It was good but I must say that the shared bathroom and toilet are sometimes too far and could be not enough in high season. Then you have only 100Mb free WiFi, if you wanted more, you must pay…


This is a must, or a big or a little one like us, but you should do this experience. New Zealand is also sheep… then why not having a night where you could also have a closer look to the most popular animals of this marvelous country?

I found it on Booking. Prices are as usual, around 70/80 NZ$ for 2 person, shared facilities.


If and when I would come back to New Zealand, I would choose again the homestay.

For sure you will not spend less, sometimes could be even a little bit more, but also your accommodation would be a real New Zealand experience!

You will meet always interesting and open people, proud on telling you their point of view. Sometimes they will be just a second mother and will help you on everything and also feed you with delicious food!

I used mostly AirBnB, but I found some with Booking.

Amazing, really a must!

Rental Car

After a lot of thinking, we choose ACE rental car ( coverage. It means you would not have any Bond in your Credit Card charged!

Anyhow you would need a credit card because of possible MULTE.

At the domestic airport, or international, you would be picked up from their bus directly to their office.

Our Nissan Tiida automatic gear looked like brand new, only 30.000km and was always as expected.

Please only note that handling of this car is not the best, so if you need to drive in snowy roads, better to choose another model. ACE also highlight it on their website.

The drop off was as easier as you cannot immagine. Then the shuttle bring us back.

Booked online, really simple.

Pick up: Monday, October 31, 2016 at 4:15PM – Auckland Airport

Drop off: Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 9:00AM – Christchurch Airport

Price: 808NZ$ – most of the price is the full coverage no Bond option and because we booked it only 10 days in advance.

The sooner you book, the cheaper!

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