I am a traveler because I love and I need to travel!

The world is amazing and life is short… wherever you are, for whatever reason, you must travel. Let’s discover the world and meet people!

This is how Life looks like to me

I was born in 1976, sometimes ago in a little part of the beautiful Italy and after my graduation, I really started to feel the need of travel all over the world.

After moving to some city in Italy at the beginning for my graduation, later for job reason, I lived 1 year in Turkey and now, since 2013 I’ve been living am in Germany where I moved twice.

I traveled over 80 Countries with friends, colleagues, group of people, alone, in a couple, with my parents, and I would like to share with you some tips and experience.

The world is my hometown!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog while trying to find some information about Brunei during Ramadan. May I check with you whether food will be served onboard Royal Brunei Airlines during the fasting period? Also, restaurants will be opened as usual, and you can dine in after the break fast period, I believe? Thank you!


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