Welcome Zinni!!!

From Thames to Coromandel town

I spent the full morning visiting the lazy town of Kerikeri. It is not a great beautiful town, but you could have a first view of New Zealand also visiting some stores, having a drink and talking with people

Kerikeri city center

I bought a Vodafone SIM card, really a good deal. You could have for 29NZ$, 1Gb data, free call in New Zealand and in Australia, some free tickets for the cinema and calling Europe just for 2NZ$/60 seconds. No passport needed! Just buy the card and some charge, call the 777 and follow the instruction.

I got a reflexology massage at “the Body Divine”, nice, but not the correct pressure in my opinion, then Judith brought me to the airport.

Just relaxing….

She used to work in what is called “opportunity shop”. People is giving stuff for free the would be sold for real cheap price. The earned money will be used for charity.

Judith & I

The flight to Auckland was terrible, so much turboence that I felt sick and I jumped out several times from my seat!

In Auckland I rented a car with ACE. Really great dea and service. Not costing so much, good and cheap full insurance and the service was quick. For sure you need to call them to picked you from the airport to their place, but it would not take so long! The car is quite new, less than 40000km!

Mum arrived without luggage… lost forever? It could be…

Then we start driving to Coromandel town. Some traffic just getting out from Auckland.

Cuttle are everywhere, so much, so dense! Incredible!

But the road from Thames to Coromandel is spectacular! The sea on your left, flower and trees on the right and on top. Then birds all over, and an impressive color of the light.

Really, world could not describe what you see! No traffic, just a duck with puppies…

At Coromandel we ate really a great meal, tasting the Oyster of the region, then fall asleep!


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