Just relaxing…

12.11.2016 – km

Today is a relaxing day. Just spent few hours with our great and amazing family.

Springhill Farmstay

We had a walk around the garden, milked the goat, saw the chickens, the baby goats and the sheep that think to be a goat… amazing!


Then after seeing the two children cooking, we drove through Oamaru, to see the artist street, with plenty of rare books and artists selling their products.

Artist in Oamaru

Then drive to Christchurch.


Now, I was expecting an active city, full of people outside in the road, like Wellington, even better. It could be the lazy Saturday around 17:00, the fry of the sky, but I could feel the sadness in the eyes of the people. Frankly speeking, not so much to see, not so much to do… just few shops, all around Chinese.

Christchurch historic tram tour

The owner of the house where we sleep, Chinese as well, live here since 16 years. She is happy, she would not change Christchurch with Wellington, never with Auckland. She told us that the reconstruction started with people’s houses, then, just last year, with the building in center…

Waking in Christchurch city center

Anyhow, everything is an open construction site and leave the ineluctable sadness…


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