Cook strait… welcome in South Island!

Arriving at Picton

03 November 2016 – 357,4km

Driving around Napier is really strange, it seems to be arrived in a Charlestown movie!!! The city was completely destroyed by an earthquake and rebuild in the 30es. Worth a visit!

Napier city center

The road between Napier and Wellington is simply gorgeous, full of vineyard and pasture… every corner should be immortalized, but then you need really to spend your whole life in New Zealand… sounds good, isn’t it?

On the highway to Wellington

I was thinking that Wellington was a terrible city, basically because of the weather… but we found a beautiful sun, with blue sky, lovely temperature and wind. I love Wellington, I guess that is my favorite city until now… the one that I would choose if I ever decide to move in New Zealand. Great shops, full of life, pub and I would have love to see the great explosion of night life… unfortunately I plan to move on, passing through the Cook strait… next time then!

City center harbor

I must say that if you have a car and you will travel with Interislander ferry, you should arrive 2 hours before the departure, in any case not later that 1 hour before! Unbelievable!!! A waste of time, but the cruise it’s magic, spectacular, fabulous! We did it around 17:00 and we arrived in Picton at 20:30 just few minutes after the sun set. Really amazing!!!

Interislander ferry at Wellington bay

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