Under the rain…

06 November 2016 – 340,4km

Today was a rainy day, but this is the west coast and the South Island…

We start from Cape Foulwind to see the Seal Colony; just few of them, but agai, a must to see. The panorama is breathtaking, with a long sandy beach and the rocks that are popping up from the sea.

Cape Foulwind

Two gulls are in the mating season and the male is dancing in front of the female. So cute!

Mating gulls

We had a stop over in Charleston, I guess 2 people city, not more, for a egg and bacon and then we drove through the coastal highway, the sea on the right, rainforest on the left… the perfect daydream

Driving trough the coastal highway

We visit the Pancake rock with a miserable stormy weather… the tide was low, so no splash inside the multiple holes, but the rocks itself were incredible. It really seams a multiple layers of pancakes!!!

Pancakes rocks

Hokitika is the city of the jade and the whitebait… nothing more.

Along the road to Franz Joseph there was raining cats and dogs!!! We also stopped because we were not able to see.

“Beautiful” weather

We just decided to spend our time just relaxing in the hot pools having a dinner and planning for the day after…

Relaxing at Glacier hot Pools

And then, as if by magic, the Franz Josef Glacier appears!

Franz Josef Glacier

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