And thence we came forth to see again the stars…

07 November 2016 – 335,5 km

And when you wake up in the morning and you see the sun after the heavy rain, your day could be only a great one!!!

An easy walk of about 2,5 km to arrive directly at 750m from the Franz Josef Glacier… Amazing!!!

Walking to the Franz Josef Glacier
Franz Josef Glacier

The road to the Fox Glacier Town is really beautiful and we drove directly to the lake Matheson to see the reflection of the Mount Cook. You can see the amount Cook while you are driving!!!

Mount Cook
And now we are deep in the rainforest and then the sea, at Bruce Bay. Tasman sea, the ocean with big breakers.

Bruce bay

Then again rainforest, until lake Paringa, a breathtaking lake where people fish the Whitebait. The season last only 2,5 month, until the 14 of November. So we are lucky and the whitebaits really delicious!!!

Whitebait capital

After Haast, we will start a winding road to theHaast Pass (a little more than 500m height) to arrive in the Lake District!

Wanaka lake

Marvelous! I tried to make some shot, but the panorama are so beautiful and unique!!!

Lake Hawea

We spent the night in Wanaka, just relaxing and having some beer and wine.

Reflection at Lake Wanaka

What a marvelous day!!!

Family, gulls and a breathtaking Panorama

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