Garden of Eden

Finally!!! I arrived in Auckland… but not my final destination today! Kerikeri, I am coming!!!

Even if you need to get a domestic connection flight, you need to go through the passport control and the luggage control.

I had my hiking shoes on, plenty of mud, so I declared it. They cleaned it and sanitized, just 5 minutes, not more, so I suggest to declare whatever you carry, like food, and not to occur to a fee of 400NZ$…

When you get out, finding the domestic terminal is a piece of cake. Just walk through the green path for about 1 km or wait for the bus.

Self check your luggage and wait. Just 15 minutes before the flight you will get in at the gate directly in front of the plane!

Auckland – Gate 39 – to Kerikeri

The 45 minutes flight was amazing! The color of New Zealand is changing while you are traveling norther.

In Auckland there is a tiny fog that make the solar light completely different. The see seems more like a grass with wave and all the colors are more pastel and black.

The “grass” sea
Pastel color view
Pastel color view

Kerikeri is an explosion of vegetation, colors and fragrances.

The airport is just a pokey space, and there I found Judith, the English woman that decide to follow her son and to move to New Zealand. I found her with AirBnB. Lovely!

Kerikeri airport

We just stopped at the Saturday market where there are interesting carved wood, homeopathic cream, food and honey!

Then we went home where she offered me the lunch and introduced me his son’s lovely dog Maki


In the afternoon Judith had an open gardens events, or means that she could visit as many private garden as she can just to get some inspiration.

She grab me to the Stone Store, selling since 1836. Just 2 steps ahead the Rega’s village, a replica Maori fishing village, 10NZ$. Interesting.

The Stone store area
The river around the Stone store area
Replica Maori alcove
Replica Maori fishing village

Then I walked though the path to Rainbow falls. The vegetation is unique! You could find gum trees together with evergreens, and bloom fragrance and chirping all over… my garden of eden! Terrific!!!


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