Cross Borneo trek – luggage

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Less is better! At the end you would anyhow stink!

Really important is to cram everything inside waterproof sack!

In the following list what I guess that is a must to have with the brand name and the weight. If you would click on the brand name, you would be redirect to the website.

All the rest in my opinion is not needed!

If you´d like to discuss your luggage or to leave some advice, feel free to contact me.

# Inside the bag weight [g] 10,2kg What Brand
2 1 154 154 Trousers Montura
2 1 125 125 Tshirt longleaves Montura
2 1 54 54 Technical long sock Xsocks
1 0 150 0 Sunglasses Rayban
1 1 75 75 Hat
3 2 21 42 Slip La Perla
1 1 125 125 Pijama Von Nina C
1 1 220 220 Camel Bag Deuter
1 1 250 250 Icebreaker long sleeve 250 Icebreaker
2,5 2,5 1000 2500 Water
1 1 145 145 N-rit SuperLight Towel N-rit
1 1 80 80 Swimsuite Speedo
1 1 146 146 Flip flop Teva
1 1 150 150 Frontal torch 300Lumen with 3 Batteries  Black Diamond
1 1 22 22 Soap leaves Sea to Summit
1 1 500 500 sleeping bag Decathlon
1 1 100 100 Sacco lenzuolo Decathlon
1 1 650 650 mosquito net structured or inner layer of tend Marmot
1 1 940 940 Selfinflatable mattress Thermarest
1 1 300 300 Yoga Matte Thermarest Thermarest
7 7 30 210 Waterproof bags Sea to Summit
1 1 50 50 Bandana
1 1 62 62 Pillow
1 0 430 0 Trekking stick
1 1 33 33 Space blanket Decathlon
1 1 282 282 Camera Lumix
1 1 40 40 Substitute batterie for Camera Lumix
1 1 320 320 Gopro with 2 Batteries Gopro
1 1 348 348 Akku USB
1 1 120 120 Cables (Iphone, macchina fotografica, gopro)
1 1 1500 1500 Backpack Deuter
1 1 683 683 Medicines  –

Some more information about the things to take:

  • For me it always cold during the night. I do say that I use the sleeping bag just only twice around mount Muller. In case you could bring 1 more long sleeve shirt and trousers against cold.
  • I do prefer to have the inner layer of the tent or a structured mosquito. It would weight more, for sure, but at least you will not lose every night minimum 30 minutes to place it and 30 minutes to remove it and you would be protect 100%
  • Yoga mat and self-inflate mat are in my opinion essential:
  • In the boat the yoga mat will help you to seat in a comfortable way everywhere
  • In the jungle, the yoga mat will help you not to thorn the self-inflate mat because of roots, stones and whatever
  • In the jungle with both you could sleep. Please remember that the terrain will never be flat and there would always be stones, root and fragmented part of trees


First aid and co

Here the medicine that I consider essential:

683g  Arzeimittelliste Use
5 Ketorolac trometamina (Toradol) Strong painkiller
16 Merbromin (Mercuro cromo) Healing difinfectant
33 Povidone-iodine (PVP-I) (Betadine creme) Strong difinfectant
50 Toothbrush
40 Toothpaste
16 Betamethasone pills (Bentelan) Against anaphylactic shock
23 Antibiotic
40 Dressing material
40 Plaster
92 Solar cream
2 Butylscopolamine (Buscopan) Strong painkiller for stomachache
16 single-use syringe
5 Metoclopramide (Plasil) Against nausea
100 Micropur Forte Katadyn© Water purificator
65 Mineral salt
22 Bacitracin+Neomicin (bimixin) Intestinal antibiotic
15 Hemostatic cotton
10 Ledum Palustre Homeopathic pills against mosquito
92 Wet wipe
1 Karité butter

Packing light and smart!


This is everyone’s problem… What do I need, don’t???

And basically, even when you are satisfied with your starting bag, then during the travel, at least once in life, everyone experienced the dramas “where do I put it???”, “Oh, my gosh! My bag is exploded!!!”, “Damn!!! No way to pack it again…”, “Where is the lost & found???”

Remember: What you really need is what you could never buy once at destination!

Pack “Must Have”, not “Just in case”

As a woman, I can say that this is really a challenge… Whenever I had to or I wanted to travel, I always felt the “need” to have all my clothes and my shoes with me… It’s a sort of Linus blanket, but hey! do I really need it?

This is what you should ask for every single stuff you would like to put in your bag!

There are many items that you pack “just in case”, but please remember that most of your “what if” will never happen and also in those case, you could find a solution with the clothes you packed!

Bring your core wardrobe that you wear over and over and keep in mind that “in case” you could even buy what you need.

Never bring something never or seldom used!


Even if it’s incredible to believe, wherever and for whatever reason you travel, you will not need to wear more than one item at time… So please remember it!!!

The Laundry schedule

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