The end of the world…

05 November 2016 – 566,4km

Takaka is an hippie town and the organic market is every Saturday. You can find really great and delicious product, people are peaceful, happy and smart and worth for sure a visit!

Takaka Saturday market

The same I should say about Pupu spring, the cleanest spring in the world. A short track drove us through the bush full of fern until the spring. The water is so pure and crystal clear!

Pupu spring

When we arrived to Westport, after 270km, we were quite depressed about the weather and the ugliness of the city… so we decided to leave our luggage at the hotel, where you can feel as being in Biennale

At “Biennale” hotel

and to drive 100km more in the north to visit Karamea… the end of the world!

Driving to Karamea…

The road to Karamea is winding, with plenty of house to sell and a great spectacular path through the rainforest, 

Inside the rainforest

then appear an improbable city, where there should have been a petrol station… but closed!!! So tank before!

Petrol? Available in 100km

All the people wear plastic boots and should remove their shoes to enter into the supermarket…

Take off your shoes at Supermarket

Close to the beach of Oparara, a men with his child on a Quad, driving like crazy taking the dog out for a run through the beach…

Dog walking

We drove to the end of the road, with a foggy and variable weather, with the complete feeling to be close to the end of the world…

Driving to the end of the world

Just few people, some houses, and the magic of being at the end of the world…

The end of the world
Kohaihai Beach


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