Milford sound

09.11.2016 – km

We decided to buy a full package with a cruise in the Milford Sound from Te Anau.

Waterfalls is everywhere after a rainy day

I do suggest to do the same thing:

The way to Milford Sound

1. You will have finally a day off from your drive and this is a great and amazing think

The “highway”

2. With many rental cars you would not be allowed to drive in this road. It is not so dramatic, but too busy, really narrow

Amazing waterfall

3. You would see everything with the right pace, and you would arrive “just in time” to get the best place in your boat!!!

Just on the “highway”

The “highway” to the Milford sound is amazing, breathtaking, the Sounds itself gorgeous!

Reflection lake

When we came back we had just a walk across Te Anau, really beautiful with the sunshine.

Starting point of the Milford Track

We decided to eat something with a good wine in a great pick nick area in front of the lake.

Drinking wine @ Te Anau lake

And then we saw the sunset with a little girl that was swimming with her dog while her mother was caressing their home sheep!

Family @ lake

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